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I2BF Global Ventures
About us
About us
I2BF Global Ventures was established in 2005 to help big thinkers from around the world to realize their boldest ideas.
Throughout the years we backed a number of early stage technology companies across a wide spectrum of industries.
Every day our entrepreneurs are changing the energy grid, fighting cancer, reaching for the stars and beyond.
> 200
entrepreneurs backed
> $15 billion
of value created across portfolio
> 5,000
of high tech jobs created
Our mission
Our mission
The new age of entrepreneurship is upon us, where no idea is too big, and every challenge presents an opportunity.
Disruptive Innovation at any given industry begins with an individual willing to take on great risks, working hard against extreme odds, and still being able to infect others with the audacity of her or his vision.
It is our mission to identify such individuals and help them succeed.
We invest in
Bits and Atoms!
We invest in
Bits and Atoms!
Our goal is to help erase the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.
Convergence of hardware and software is what fuels the next industrial revolution and will elevate humanity to a new level of existence within and interaction with the surrounding universe.
Our Companies
We invest in the best teams and technologies wherever they are.
Ideas that change the world don’t always start in your own backyard.
301 N. Canon Drive
Suite 223
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
+1 (310) 858 3003
55 Broadway
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10006
+1 (212) 226 7320
Contact us
For general enquiries please contact us at
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